raise cement plants profit

CemMate Technology Raise Cement Plant Profit


The application of CemMate additives can realize the following economic benefits.

> Lower the clinker content by ~5%.

> Increase the utilized industrial waste residue content by ~5%.

> Reduce power consumption of cement grinding by ~10%.

For cement plant with annual output of 1 million tons of cement, this will create a profit of $1.47 million every year.


According to the calculation of clinker power consumption 45 kW·h/t, standard coal consumption 140 kg/t and cement grinding power consumption 40 kW·h/t, every ton of cement production can be realized:

> Save 7 kg of standard coal.

> Save 6.25 kW·h of power.

> Reduce the consumption of limestone by 65 kg.

> Reduce clay consumption by 9 kg.

> Utilize 50 kg of industrial waste residue.

> Reduce industrial dust by 0.5kg.

Reduce CO2 emission by 50 kg.

> Reduce SO2 emission by 0.07 kg.

> Reduce NOX emission by 0.08kg.