Customized cement additives in grinding process can show better performance of saving energy, increasing strength and increasing composites addition rate in the cement, etc than general products, so that customized products can help cement manufacturer create more profit.

Based on the technical principle, cement additives should be customized based on the specific cement raw materials situation and specific requirements of cement manufacturers for cement quality improvement.

Therefore, 10kg-30kg of cement raw materials samples are usually necessary for customizing grinding aids/performance enhancers in the cement additives manufacturer’s laboratory.

However, high international logistics cost of cement raw materials samples and its inconvenience limit the application of the customized products in the international market.

Duyea has developed CemMate technology by mastering the law of various chemical additives raw material’s action on various cement raw materials and developing unique formulation design theory, so that we can supply customized products for customers without conducting laboratory mill test by using overseas customer’s cement raw materials. The process of cooperation with us is convenient.

CemMate Products

> Grinding aids for cement mill

> Cement performance enhancers/cement quality enhancers

cement addtives